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  • Last Updated: July 30, 2009
  • License: Freeware
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2.58 Description

REAPER is a powerful but sensible Windows application designed for the recording, arrangement, editing, mixing and rendering of audio. REAPER provides a flexible but easy to use interface that is equally suited to amateurs and professionals alike.
REAPER versions 0.4-0.99 are freeware, but starting with version 1.0 the license will change to very reasonably priced (with amateur and professional rates/support) uncrippled nag-free shareware, supporting unexpiring full functionality in unregistered form.
REAPER Feature Highlights
* Unlimited creativity with no track limit, free routing for sample-accurate MIDI and audio alike, sidechain control of any plugin
* Incredibly flexible and powerful routing - functions as an entire virtual studio with patchbays, enabling all sorts of effects not possible anywhere else
* Fast installation and execution - starts up in seconds, always ready to record
* Streamlined, tool-less work flow with context menus and item handles for fades, volume, per-item effects, etc
* Integrated network FX processing - use spare machines for additional processing power
* Supports mixing sample rates and media formats on the fly - WAV, AIFF, OGG, FLAC, ACID, APE, WavPack, MP3*, and more
* Intuitive editing features - auto-crossfades, takes and lanes, ripple editing, arbitrary item grouping and locking
* Unlimited sound processing - tons of included FX, support for thousands of third party virtual instruments, sample players, audio and MIDI processing plug-ins (VST, VSTi, DX, DXi, JS)
* Design your own graphical interface and create your own custom action lists for total customizability
Fast and powerful editing
* Drag and drop files to instantly import them into a project, arrange, and render out to a file
* Mix any combination of media, file type, sample rate, bit depth on each track
* Easily move, split, glue, resize, trim, loop, timestretch, pitch shift, fade, crossfade, snap items
* Intuitive zoom, scroll, scrub, jog, tab to audio transient, midi navigation
* Separate audio or midi into freely arrangeable takes and lanes for easy comping
* Normalize, quantize, and more complex per-item manipulation
* Configurable and editable automatic crossfading of overlapping items
* Powerful folder system allows group editing, routing, bussing all in one step
* Easily group any number of items across any number of tracks
* Ripple editing - moving and deleting items can optionally affect later items
* Unlimited tempo, time signature, and playback speed changes per project
* Define and easily copy/move regions, to quickly try out alternate arrangements
* Record and edit automation envelopes for volume, pan, mute, plug-in parameters, playback speed, pitch
* Lock items, envelopes, loop selection, and other elements independently
Unlimited and creative routing capabilities
* Any track can function as a track, bus, or bus folder - any signal can be sent anywhere else
* Unlimited parallel sends to other tracks or hardware outputs
* Sends can be fully configured: audio, MIDI, before or after FX and track controls, volume/pan/phase
* Tracks can have as many as 64 individually routable channels for easy support of multi-out virtual instruments, parallel FX processing, sidechaining, and submixes
* Visual routing matrix to easily view and change signal flow for the whole project and every plug-in
* Any audio signal can be converted into parameter modulation for sidechain control of any plug-in, even plug-ins that dont support sidechaining
Powerful recording and rendering options
* Direct multi-track recording and rendering to all supported formats, including WAV, AIFF, OGG, FLAC, ACID, APE, WavPack, MP3*, and more
* 64-bit audio signal path throughout, for maximum resolution and clipping overhead
* Any track can record any audio or MIDI input signal, or that tracks processed audio or MIDI output
* Punch and auto-punch recording in and out, loop and overdub MIDI, and change track recording settings on the fly
* Easily split, glue, explode, and collapse recorded items and takes
* Optionally bounce mixed output live to disk
* Automatic gapless file switching to avoid 2GB/4GB filesystem limits
* Import and export cues and loop markers
* Very high quality dither and noise shaping options for final audio renders
Extensive MIDI support
* MIDI items can be mixed and arranged with audio on any track
* Piano roll, drum map, or event list MIDI editor with multiple continuous-controller lanes
* MIDI channels are as freely routable as audio, with unlimited parallel sends
* Multi-track recording/monitoring of any MIDI hardware input, and any track can send to any MIDI hardware output
* Support for MIDI virtual instruments (synthesizers and sampler players) and MIDI filter/processing plug-ins
* Record MIDI input in loop, punch, and overdub mode, or record processed MIDI output from any track
* MIDI ReWire support
Totally customizable
* All graphical elements are themeable - create your own user interface colors and images or choose from hundreds of user-created themes
* Configure and dock utility windows right where you want them, save and restore screensets
* Create custom action lists and assign keyboard or MIDI controller shortcuts to do complex tasks with ease
* Track and FX chain templates allow you to easily save and reuse work
* Define aliases and organize hardware I/O and plug-ins
* Fully searchable pages of user preference settings allow you to set default behavior exactly the way you want
* Use the included JS effect scripting engine to design your own audio and MIDI plug-ins, including graphical interfaces
* Public API/SDK allows seamless integration of third-party extensions
Bundled effects and third party plug-in support
* Unlimited FX chains and routing
* Automatic plug-in delay compensation (PDC)
* Apply FX in real-time, or nondestructively render FX output
* Real-time network FX processing, in addition to ReWire support
* Supports almost any VST, VSTi, DX, DXi, JS audio or MIDI plug-in
* Includes over a dozen top quality 64-bit ReaPlugs:
o Unlimited multiband EQ
o Graphical FFT equalization/dynamics processing
o Technical and multiband compression
o Flexible, open-format convolution reverb
o Real-time pitch correction, including Elastique Pro built in
o Multitap delay, basic synthesizer, sample player
o Special-use plug-ins to virtualize outboard hardware, stream audio, connect to NINJAM servers, and more
* Includes the JS audio and midi plug-in scripting engine, and hundreds of user-programmable effects
* REAPER loads and starts fast - be ready to record in just a few seconds
* Portable - put REAPER in your pocket and run it from a USB key or other removable media
* Tightly coded - installer is only a few MB, updates can be installed in less than a minute
* Rapid, efficient development - new features and optimizations are added quickly and often
* Very active, enthusiastic, and helpful user forum, get help quickly
* Fantastic and readable user-created manual
* An honest business model that aims to provide the best possible user experience

free download ( Size:3.00M )


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